Meet the Team Ep. 1: Sarah, Lover of Ramen & Working Mom of Two Littles

Meet the Team Ep. 1: Sarah, Lover of Ramen & Working Mom of Two Littles

We’re back to introduce another crucial member of the Knours team! Meet Sarah, our marketer extraordinaire.

Sarah comes from a film making background and fun fact: she speaks Russian. She loves to travel, having studied in Russia, and if she wasn’t a master skincare marketer, her next career of choice would be a film director. Her fave movie of all-time is Capernaum and though she hasn’t been able to sit down and watch a movie from beginning to end, she’s surviving this less-than-ideal time by spending quality time with her growing family.

 As a working mom of two, Sarah truly understands the difficulties that all mothers face during these challenging, hormonal moments.


“Physically and mentally you are not present, but you still have to work and earn a living. And on top of that, you are already under so much stress. While you are pregnant or even when you have an infant at home, it’s impossible to have decent sleep and my energy level is very low almost all the time.”

- Sarah Jeong


Sarah finds peace and relaxation through Knours’ products and with so much already on her plate, she likes having a trustworthy, clean brand that can effectively combat her skin struggles without concern of toxins or unsafe chemicals. Sarah’s personal favorite is the Skin Meditation Gel Cream for it’s cooling and hydrating properties that help soothe and relax her skin and her mind at the end of a long day.

As an experienced skincare marketer (previously @Farmacy) she loves to discover new & exciting ways to personally connect with consumers. She’s passionate about helping women feel beautiful through their cycles and she feels lucky to be a part of a brand that empowers those ideas!