Handmade, Triple-layered, 100% Cotton Masks w/ Filter - Pink


These handmade, triple-layered, 100% cotton masks feature a melt-blown, non-woven filter that is noninflammable and nonabsorbent. They are great and ideal for blocking contact with bacteria and viruses.

We have collaborated with Jennifer and Anne, a freelance florist and event planner duo whose local small business has been greatly affected by the global pandemic.They now make handcrafted items such as aprons, bows, and masks for moms and kids and hope their products will provide safety and smiles to those who use them.

In continuation of our Mother's Day collaboration and to continue to support local small woman-owned businesses, as well as to help you fight the virus, we are offering a new set of designs and sizes for adults & kids alike!


Please see below for dimensions of sizes:

width - 9.5 in / 24cm
height (front) - 6.7 in / 17cm
back (elastic part) - 3 in / 7.5cm

width - 7.9 in / 20cm
height (front) - 5.7 in /14.5cm
back (elastic part) - 2.4 in / 6cm

width - 6.7 in / 17cm
height - 4.7 in / 12cm
back (elastic part) - 2 in / 5cm

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