Period Bliss Set

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Period Bliss Set for Oily Skin:

For when your skin needs TLC from hormonal acne crisis. 

Thanks to higher levels of testosterone, 7-14 days prior to aunt flo, our skin gets oily and our pores are clogged. You are more likely to get breakouts, especially with those big cystic acne around chin and jawline. But don’t worry. Knours is here to help. Clean your face with Your Only Cleanser as always and kick back and relax with our Be Kind to Your Skin Mask. Let this mask do its magic by hydrating and soothing your skin all awhile 4 organic aroma oils help you relax and stay calm through this crisis. Still need little more help? Apply a drop of our lightweight soothing Skin Meditation Gel Cream to your face morning and night or midday to keep your temperamental skin under control.
Hormonal acne breakout is never fun but relax, Knours is here. 

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