Be Kind Double Duty Mist

A dual mist to moisturize & refresh skin; vitamin-rich aloe vera water & replenishing jojoba oil layered to perform as a versatile moisturizing skin freshener.
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Be Kind Double Duty Mist is a dual-use, moisturizing skin freshener and a pioneer in its category. A smart combination of aloe vera water and jojoba oil, layered on top of one another, allows your skin to get just what it needs with a simple shake. Watch it transform to address changes in your skin.
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98% said the product left skin dewy & glowing
96% said the product improved overall complexion
100% said they would recommend to a friend
*Results based on 60+ real customer surveys

A first of its kind, dual-use, moisturizing skin freshener.

Our innovative, customizable formula responds immediately to skin’s current condition and provides instant results, leaving skin with a visibly dewy glow.

Recommended for:

  • dry skin
  • oily skin
  • sensitive skin


  • moisturizing
  • brightening
  • restoring & nourishing skin
Key Ingredients
Our products meet the highest standards of clean using only EWG green-grade ingredients you can fully trust. Experience real skin wellness with steady use.
Full Ingredient List

Jojoba Oil

Replenishing emollient that’s extremely similar to skin’s natural oils. Absorbs quickly and serves as a long-lasting layer of moisture.

Aloe Vera Leaf Juice

Super hydrating, healing, and soothing extract directly from the leaf of the aloe plant, with excellent anti-inflammatory properties.

Moutan Peony Root

Clarifying floral extract with naturally occurring antioxidant properties that can help refine skin while protecting its natural barrier from harmful intruders.

KnoursTM Komplex

Our unique, trademarked blend of sea buckthorn, mexican giant hyssop, and passionflower extracts was specially formulated to help overcome the effects of sleep, stress, and stamina disruption on skin during the 3 M’s.

How to Use

Don’t Shake

Don’t Shake if skin is more sensitive or oilier than usual. The bottom layer of the mist provides hydrating & soothing benefits from aloe vera and botanical extracts.


Shake if skin is drier or flakier than usual. The aloe vera water, incorporated with jojoba oil and sugarcane extracts, absorbs into the skin for a dewy complexion. Spray generously all over your face and neck.


Spray mist generously any time skin needs an extra boost of hydration during the day! It can also be applied after makeup application for an added glow.