Pregnancy Glow Set

Skin Type:

Pregnancy Glow Set for Oily Skin:

For when a bump is also on your face

Hormonal fluctuations throughout Pregnancy can result in a radiant complexion or an awful breakout.  Your skin might be glowing during first trimester, but it could quickly be followed by awful breakouts during your second trimester due to changes in hormones. Relax with this soft silky Be Kind to Your Skin tencel sheet mask that Is derived from Eucalyptus Tree. But when you don’t have time to relax with sheet masking then apply our Skin Meditation Gel Cream. This hypoallergenic soothing gel cream will give your skin a Zen moment. 

Pregnancy Glow Set for Melasma:

For when your skin needs some erasing

Increased hormonal fluctuations during pregnancy can result in melasma, brown patches usually on the face, known as "the mask of pregnancy". Our Sweet Enough Rescue Mask can brighten your skin while It hydrates and nourish the skin with its Rose water and Honey extracts. You can also nourish, brighten, and moisturize your skin all at once with our age-defying One Perfect Cream.

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