After obtaining her Master’s in Physical Therapy, Julie spent 15 years working in hospitals, helping patients get back on their feet both literally and figuratively. She quickly realized that there were obstacles only her female patients faced because of their natural hormonal cycles—menstruation, maternity, menopause—and the symptoms.

As Julie encountered motherhood, she recognized the importance of using clean & safe personal products and their role in her own hormonal wellness. She eventually joined hands with her husband to become pioneers in the growing K-beauty phenomenon as exclusive distributors of Korea’s top beauty brands
Marrying Her Two Passions: Wellness & Beauty
As her business gained traction, Julie faced another cycle that all her years in PT & beauty hadn’t prepared her for—menopause. Her struggle with the harsh emotional and physical changes symptomatic of menopause, and the effects they were having on her life, reminded her of the patients she met many years ago. Determined to find ways to help women alleviate these symptoms in their every day, Julie decided to marry her two interests—female hormonal wellness & beauty.
The Birth of Knours.
A search for the root of the problem led her to learn about the existence of toxins & EDCs (endocrine-disrupting chemicals) in many of the everyday products she was using and their potential to trigger changes in her hormones. Julie set out to create a clean, safe, and effective skincare routine that any woman could use without concern for toxicity or triggering hormonal shifts.

She collaborated with dermatologists and herbalists to conduct extensive research and formulate the safest and most effective products for women with hormone-related skin concerns. And in 2018, Knours was born.