Julie spent a decade as a distributor of a top Korean beauty brands. As her business was gaining popularity, she was coping with the emotional and physical changes that are symptomatic of menopause. In 2017, her life became more complicated with her husband’s devastating diagnosis of kidney cancer.

Anxious for answers, Julie spent many restless nights researching for anything that might help. Then she came across some research on toxins. How they are in our food, air, and personal care products and how they can trigger changes in hormones and even cause cancer in severe cases.

She learned that many of her cosmetics and skincare products contained these harmful toxins, putting herself and others at risk. She was determined to make a change. She wanted to provide a safe, effective, and simple skincare routine that anyone could use without concern for toxicity or triggering hormonal shifts. After extensive ingredient research and testing, she collaborated with dermatologists and herbalists to formulate the safest and most effective products possible and in 2018, she launched Knours.

"We're never sneaky about our ingredients. We only make seriously clean & effective products that actually help your skin -- nothing toxic, irritating, or allergenic. The best part? Real results you can see."

Julie Park, Founder of Knours.