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Knours science is largely based on the impact the endocrine system has on women’s aging process. This system is what produces and regulates hormones produced in ovaries, adrenal glands and thyroid glands, which act as chemical messengers in many of the body’s essential functions, such as growth and immunity.

We all know that that external factors like exposure to sun and pollution speed up the aging process. And now, the scientific community is studying how hormonal changes impact skin health. For example, estrogens can increase hyaluronic acid in our body to maintain skin’s healthy fluid balance and structural integrity and testosterones are primarily responsible for thicker and oilier skin, as well as signs of skin aging. Knours’ is incorporating this knowledge into your daily skin care routine.

Knours can help balance your skin throughout the inevitable hormonal fluctuations life brings at each phase, including periods, pregnancy, and menopause.


How it works         

Menstrual Cycle: 

Knours team studied the relationship between the menstrual cycle and skin changes, then divided the cycle into four phases. Since hormones fluctuate in response to women’s monthly cycles, we thought it would make most sense to make skincare that responds to the body’s crucial changes.

Phase 1 (The week of the period)

Your skin feel sensitive, dry and dull all while you are feeling more tired and sensitive due to rise in prostaglandin hormone.

Recommended Knours product: Your only Cleanser, Sweet Enough Mask, One Perfect Cream.

Phase 2 (Right after the period till you ovulate)

Your skin is hydrated and glowy thanks to increased levels of estrogen and you are wishing this look last longer.

Recommended Knours product: Your only Cleanser, Double Duty Mist, One Perfect Cream

Phase 3 (A week after ovulation)

Your skin Is becoming for oily and pores feel clogged due to higher levels of testosterone.

Recommended Knours Product: Your only Cleanser, Skin Medication Gel CreamBe Kind to your Skin

Phase 4 (a week before your period)

Your skin is oily from increased sebum production, and you’ll be more likely to get breakouts, including cystic acne around chin and jawline.

Recommended Knours Product: Your only Cleanser, Skin Medication Gel Cream, Be Kind to Your Skin



The menopausal transition found in older women, a phrase characterized by drastic fluctuations in estrogen levels.  During perimenopause, estrogen levels fluctuate and become unpredictable. Eventually, the level falls very low and hits menopause increasing the risks of depression and other commonly associated symptoms such as hot flashes, insomnia, aging skin, dry and dehydrated skin due to loss of estrogens that is responsible for levels of Hyaluronic acid in our skin. You need skincare that can help with hydration and moisture to help repair moisture loss. 
Knours product recommendation includes: Your Only Cleanser, One Perfect Cream, Double Duty Mist, and Sweet enough Mask



Hormonal fluctuations throughout Pregnancy can result in a radiant complexion or an awful breakout. The first trimester, can create a flushed, healthy  complexion due to increased blood flow. In the second  trimester, increased progesterone can produce acne. Increased hormonal fluctuations during pregnancy can also result in melasma, brown patches usually on the face, known as "the mask of  pregnancy.” You need skincare that that are gentle and  safe for you and your baby. Multi functional product that can sooth your skin while helping you to calm down pregnancy acne or melasma. 
Knours product recommendation includes: One Perfect Cream, Be Kind to your Skin Mask, Sweet Enough Mask, and Skin Meditation Gel Cream


Knours is in process of making and updating our Knours App.

The Knours app integrates medical facts and user data into a first-in-class smartphone app. Through a combination of user input and data from studies, the app learns user's cycle and hormonal changes, and curates a custom-tailored experience including Knours skin care regimen.