Knours Know-How Ep. 11: Know How to Facial Like a Pro

Knours Know-How Ep. 11: Know How to Facial Like a Pro

We have officially entered the busiest, but most wonderful time of the year! Snow (hopefully), holiday decorations, seasonal warm drinks, and dry skin? Oh no, who invited her to the party?! If any of you Knours Lovers are like us, then you know that winter is not kind to everyone’s skin. There's no better time to really pamper yourself with a 5 star spa treatment all in the comfort of your own home. Here's our guide to an easy and relaxing DIY facial.

Step 1: Set the Mood / Gather Your Products

Get yourself into the right mindset by creating an environment that promotes relaxation. That can mean a whole array of things, like putting on a Netflix show, your favorite playlist, or a light-hearted podcast that you could gently vibe to as you enter an hour of peace. Set up a cozy space with candles, pillows, and anything else that can help you get into the right mindset and be sure to dim the lights so you feel like you’re at a luxury spa. You can even make some calming tea or a pitcher of cucumber mint water if you want to transport yourself even further.

This is also a great time to get all your products out so you know what you have on hand and so you can get the order just right.

Step 2: Cleanse

We highly recommend investing in the double cleanse. It is an important part of prepping your skin by removing different kinds of impurities that are on your face such as dirt, makeup, and excess oils. This way you can feel reassured that you are actually cleaning your face thoroughly.

Luckily, our Your Only Facial Cleanser acts as a gentle yet effective double cleanse to remove any makeup and unwanted dead skin as an oil. Then lather it up into a foam to cleanse thoroughly while focusing on specific areas of your face so you can have a clean palette for the next steps of the facial.

Step 3: Tone

Using toner is another way to protect and reinforce your skin’s barrier before you add anything else to it. Toner helps remove any last traces of grime, dirt, or other impurities and is also a great way to restore your skin’s pH level. It is also a primer for the next steps so your skin can better absorb your products.

Tip: It’s best to use a toner that does not contain alcohol since you don’t want to dry out your skin - this is especially important in the winter because you want to hydrate your skin and help it heal from the effects of the harsh cold. Our Be Kind Double Dust Mist does not contain any alcohol and is suitable for all skin types. It is also entirely customizable based on how dry or oily your skin is. 

Step 4: Mask

The mask step is one of the most important parts of a facial because your skin has been prepped and it is now time to treat and address your skin concerns. For this step you should consider what your skin needs to get back to its best state. Whether that means you are in need of extra hydration, need some more nutrients to reinforce your skin’s barrier, or you just need to cool down, we have the masks for you!

Sweet Rescue Nourishing Mask

Key ingredient Niacinamide is a very effective form of the essential nutrient vitamin B-3 that helps to reduce enlarged pores, boosts ceramide and collagen production, and leaves skin more radiant. This luxurious mask is also part of our Sweet Rescue Line and is a great way to treat unwanted surprises during that time of the month, but anyone can use this mask! 

Be Kind Everyday Mask

Our classic, biodegradable mask features Four Organic Aroma Oils that work together to soothe the skin. It also has Moutan Peony Root, which contains naturally occurring antioxidant properties that can help refine skin while protecting its natural barrier from harmful intruders.

Tip: Don’t let the extra serum from the mask go to waste! Use it to reinforce the skin all over. Give your elbows and the bottoms of your feet some extra TLC with the nutrient-rich serum.

Step 5: Steam

You don’t need a fancy machine to get this step done. Just fill a large bowl with hot water and then lean over it with a towel draped over your head for five minutes. You may look silly doing this, but your skin will thank you in the long-run. Steaming your face opens your skin up making it softer and making it easier to draw dirt, oil, and grime out of your pores.

If you’re feeling fancy then you can add dried flowers, tea, or even lemon slices to your water to make it aromatic. 

Step 6: Moisturize / Massage

This step is all about adding hydration to your face, which is especially important during the winter since your skin dries out so quickly. You should start with a serum that will help your skin seal in and fully absorb all the moisture it may be lacking like Sweet Rescue Bubble Burst Serum. The unique gromwell root oil-infused bubbles melt into the skin for deep moisturization and help to heal and repair your skin. Gromwell root oil also helps to promote skin cell turnover and protect it from free radicals that are harmful to your skin. 

Moisturizing is the final and most important step of any facial because it locks in the moisture from all the other steps and acts as a protective barrier to address certain concerns like dry patches, fine lines and wrinkles, and dull skin. We recommend using a gel cream like Your Only Meditation Gel Cream in the warmer months since your skin is more oily and is in need of a cooling, soothing, and lightweight moisturize. A thicker cream like One Perfect Youth Cream is your ideal skincare companion for the harsh winter weather because a little goes a long way to provide long-lasting moisture and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 

Don’t forget to apply an eye cream as well so you can brighten and depuff the eye area and improve skin resilience. The contoured ceramic tip on One Perfect Revival Eye Cream is also a great way to give your eye area a well-deserved massage.

Bonus: Use a Gua Sha or Face Roller

If you want to upgrade the final step of your facial massage then we recommend using a gua sha or face roller when applying your serum or moisturizer. The gua sha helps with de-puffing your under eye area, sculpting your jawline and cheekbones, and supporting your skin’s overall health. Face rollers are a great way to gently massage your face to decrease puffiness, ease tension, and stimulate blood flow so your skin can have a healthy glow. A face roller is kind of like a mini lymphatic drainage massage rolled into a convenient, transportable tool made from jade or rose quartz.

Winter is one of the toughest seasons so we hope you are able to pamper and take special care of yourselves during this time! 

Wishing you skin wellness always,