It's bigger, better, and ready to be added to your daily routine. A true skin meditation experience for peace of mind & soul.

Introducing, One Perfect
Revival Eye Cream.

Our powerful yet clean treatment moisturizes intensely to brighten, improve skin resilience, and minimize fine lines & wrinkles while a cooling ceramic applicator helps to depuff the eye area. Rosehip oil, 4GF, and SYN®AKE work with our Knours Komplex and poria cocos mushroom extract to help your eyes wake-up and feel the revival.

Know Your Skin.

“We’re not just a skincare brand, we want to be a movement and a leader in conversations that didn’t have a place in the beauty industry, otherwise.”
Julie Chon, Founder

Know Your Skin.

Knours encourages women to Know Your Skin and understand its relationship with hormonal fluctuations. We believe that our ever-changing hormones can potentially disrupt and alter our skin’s natural state of well-being, especially during the 3 M’s: menstruation, maternity, and menopause.

We hope to uplift women during & in-between their 3 M’s, normalize conversations around them, and help women appreciate their womanhood intimately while looking radiant!

Sweet Rescue Collection

Hormone-Conscious Skincare at Every Cycle

Most women struggle with skin issues during the 3 M’s. Knowing how your skin responds to each cycle can help you choose the right products for your specific skin type and needs.

Our collections have been tailored to respond respectively to common concerns during each cycle but not everyone’s skin is the same. Explore all three collections to find the ideal routine for you.

Be Kind Collection
One Perfect Collection


Our tried & true formulas that deserve a spot in your skincare routine.

Know Your Journey,
Know Your Skin

Do you remember your first period? What was it like and how did it make you feel to enter this cycle of womanhood? If you could tell your younger self one thing, to KNOW something, what would you tell her?

“I love this stuff and I super love that it’s EWG certified so I can feel safe putting in on my skin. Finally, products that keep their promises.”

“Not only does Knours’ sheet mask work to ensure nourishment in the skin during menstrual week, but the sheet mask itself is biodegradable, so everybody (and the planet) wins..”

“I was in the middle of a really annoying breakout, but these seemed to take down some of my redness and helped with the dryness around my pimples. Overall I was really into them.”

“A first-of-its-kind mist-meets-toner we can’t stop raving about, Double Duty Mist morphs into a different formula when shaken to cater to whatever sensitive skin needs at the moment.”


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