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*NEW LAUNCH ALERT* Meet One Perfect Revival Eye Cream!

by Cheryl Kim 25 Jun 2021

Hi, Knours Lovers! After over a year of thoughtfully developing and designing an eye cream we can confidently say is 1) super effective 2) 100% clean and 3) user-friendly, it is finally here and it is the eye treatment of your dreams (and ours).

Introducing One Perfect Revival Eye Cream - a smoothing, instant boost of radiance for your eyes. The skin around your eye is small in surface area, but it is the first to display fine lines as a result of stress or time. It is also the thinnest, most delicate skin on your body so we created a product that really gives it the TLC it deserves. 

Our eye cream features a contoured, ceramic tip that cools and helps depuff the eye's surface while allowing for easy application. The formula has been sampled and tested dozens of times over to moisturize intensely, brighten the eye area, improve skin resilience, and minimize fine lines & wrinkles.

What makes our eye cream so special? The key ingredients featured below work together with our Knours Komplex and poria cocos mushroom extract for maximum efficacy.


Rosehip Oil 

Rosehip Oil is known as a "vitamin bomb" thanks to a powerful blend of Vitamin C, retinol acid, and provitamins. This oil increases skin regeneration and replenishes moisture to the skin. 



Short for "4 Growth Factors," this smart combination of peptides helps boost collagen and elastin production, aids in protecting skin cells, and is the ideal humectant for parched skin. In other words, this peptide blend helps give your skin the strength and hydration it needs to look and feel its best. 


Our eye cream is vegan and cruelty-free so don’t let this ingredient name fool you! SYN®AKE is a vegan peptide that will help you confidently say good-bye to fine lines and wrinkles. It’s a powerful ingredient inspired by viper venom that prevents muscle contraction signals and provides an instant tightening and lifting effect to sagging skin. 

Here is how you can truly revive yourself with our eye cream!

Day and Night

1.  Thoroughly cleanse your face with Your Only Facial Cleanser.
2.  Squeeze a small amount of product onto either the ceramic tip or directly onto your finger. 
a.  If you’re using the ceramic tip, then gently glide around the eye area in a semicircle motion, being careful not to tug.
b.  If you’re using your finger, then gently pat around the eye area in a semicircle motion, being careful not to tug. We recommend using your ring finger as it has a gentler touch than your other digits.
3.  Apply your favorite serum and moisturizer (don’t forget SPF in the morning) then finish with a spritz of Be Kind Double Duty Mist!

Crow’s feet and smile lines? We don’t know them.        

Wrinkles don’t just appear around your eyes! You can use our eye cream wherever you discover the formation of fine lines such as the forehead, mouth/lip area, or between the eyebrows.

Our eye cream is a wonderfully smooth and multi-functional product that is the cherry on top of any skincare routine. We love everything about One Perfect Revival Eye Cream and we hope you do too!

Wishing you skin wellness always,

The Team @ Knours

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