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Knours Know-How

Bringing Your Knours Empties Back to Life

by Cheryl Kim 03 Jun 2022
We’re so happy that you love all things Knours, but we know this might come with a concern: what can you do with all your empty products?


Hello Knours Lovers! 

Happy Earth Day! If you are and have been a lover of Knours, at some point, you’re probably going to end up with a collection of empty or near-empty bottles lying around. Luckily, most of these bottles can be recycled, or even better - upcycled and repurposed! In honor of Earth Day, we’re giving you our 5 best upcycling tips for those beloved skincare empties. 

1. Ready for Travel

All of our minis are TSA-safe and ready to keep your skin quenched during the driest of flights. You can choose to refill and reuse our mini containers with various products, according to your needs!

pro tip: The mini cream container works as the perfect jewelry case to keep in your bag at all times.

2. Your Minimal Vanity Setup

This may just be the perfect bathroom vanity setup to make your minimalist dreams come true. You can use our One Perfect Cream as a container to hold your q-tips/ cotton rounds, Your Only Facial Cleanser for your hand soap, and Double Duty Mist to hold some fresh eucalyptus!

3. Plant Enthusiasts- This One’s For You

Spring is in full-swing and our serum bottles make the cutest home for your ever-growing plant babes. With more than one bottle to spare, you can create a whole propagation station!

 P.s. Have you been eyeing those fancy plant misters, but don’t know if they’re worth the price? Us too. Lucky for you, our Double Duty Mist can be filled with water to provide humidity-loving plants with a gentle spray. You’re welcome 😉

4. Your Daily Dose of Sanitizing 

Sanitizing our hands has become a part of our daily routine and we don’t see that going away anytime soon. You can use an empty Your Only Facial Cleanser bottle to refill your favorite gel sanitizer or the mini mist for easy sprays, on the go. 

 5. Feeling Crafty?

We saved the best for last. How beautiful is this twinkling night light? Fill our glass bottles with string lights for the perfect addition to your bedside table.


Or simply, choose to recycle! Give the bottles a quick rinse and toss them into the blue recycling bin (note: always check your local neighborhood guidelines re: recycling). Upcycling and recycling your skin care empties may feel like a small step, but can have a huge impact on reducing your carbon footprint and landfill waste. 

Let’s take care of our planet, like we do our skin. See you again soon!

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