Knours Know-How Ep. 12: Recycling Your Knours Empties

Knours Know-How Ep. 12: Recycling Your Knours Empties

Happy Earth Day! Today we wanted to share a tutorial on how to recycle your Knours empties. But as always, please refer to your local recycling guidelines for proper recycling procedures (i.e., if you need to remove the sticker or lid before recycling). Let’s dive in!

You will first need to clean your bottles before recycling them. This doesn’t mean you need to put them in the dishwasher or scrub them with soap - just give them a thorough rinse with warm water so any leftover (aka hard to get) product can be cleaned out. Our containers are easy to clean and generally only require you to remove the top and then rinse both parts. Lay the empty parts upside down on a towel to dry them and then put the same components into the appropriate recycling bins.

Did You Know? 💡

The stickers on the Your Only Facial Cleanser, Be Kind Double Duty Mist, and Sweet Rescue Bubble Burst Serum bottles are super easy to remove in one piece. Simply choose a corner and start pulling until it has completely come off the bottle. 

The Serum bottle is where it gets tricky so we made a video to help you visualize these next steps. Written instructions can also be found below:

  1. Peel off the label.
  2. Separate the dropper into its three parts: glass, plastic, silicone.
  3. When you look at your bottle you will notice a small tube (rubber gasket) at the top. This can be removed with a pair of tweezers.
  4. Rinse all parts, let dry, and recycle each one according to your local guidelines.

Another great way to help protect the environment is by upcycling your Knours empties! We have discovered and shared some cute ways to repurpose all of our products when we travel or to decorate our house. You can find our suggestions here and on our TikTok.

Recycling or reusing your skincare empties may feel like a small step, but regular practice can have a huge impact on reducing your carbon footprint and landfill waste. Let’s all do our part in protecting our planet. Happy Earth Day, all! 🌎