Knours Know-How Ep. 3: Sheet Masking Like A Pro

Knours Know-How Ep. 3: Sheet Masking Like A Pro

Our two signature sheet masks, Sweet Rescue Nourishing Mask and Be Kind Everyday Mask, are sure to please any crowd. Here are some tips we shared on why we love ‘em and how we use ‘em!

Be Kind Everyday Mask:

This mask contains 99.4% natural ingredients and is a vegan, biodegradable tencel sheet mask that is great for everyday use. An ideal mixture of glucose, fructose and hyaluronic acids, moutan peony root and baikal skullcap root extracts, and 4 organic aroma oils work to give you a boost of hydration while soothing and relaxing your skin to be its best, naturally.


Some tips on use:

1. Put in fridge 10-20mins before applying for extra cooling and refreshing sensation.

2. Apply your favorite serum or gel cream before putting the mask on your face for some added hydration and moisturization.

3. Roll your face with a facial roller or massage tool to get maximum absorption and relaxation.


Sweet Rescue Nourishing Mask:

This luxurious sweet treat of a mask adheres smoothly and seamlessly to every curve in your face. The silky sheet combines honey, rose water, centella asiatica, and niacinamide and MultiEx BSASM Plus® for a radiance-boosting, brightening, and calming surge of antioxidants and amino acids. It also contains MultiEx BSASM Plus® patented for its effectiveness in curing dryness, irritation, inflammation, and atopic dermatitis.