Knours Know-How Ep. 2: Keep Calm, Stay Home, & Carry On

Knours Know-How Ep. 2: Keep Calm, Stay Home, & Carry On

Our second episode of Knours Know-How presents to you our lightweight, cooling, serum-like moisturizer aka the queen of versatility. Read along for not one, not two, but THREE “what?! no way!” tips to get even more use out of this magical product.


1. Mix a small amount with your foundation or primer. When your makeup feels dry or cakey, or if you just want lighter coverage, mixing a small amount of SMGC will allow for a more hydrating, smoother application.

2. Keep in the fridge and apply right after a light work-out for a quick cooldown. Many of us are turning to virtual work-outs to get in some activity as we social-distance. Put your SMGC in the refrigerator and after your yoga sesh, splash your face with cold water and apply all over your face, neck, and even your ears.

3. Apply before sheet masking for extra hydration. After washing and toning your face, apply a thin layer of SMGC right before you sheet mask (especially good for masks w/o a lot of serum). The mask will adhere better to the curvatures of your face too!

Were these tips & tricks helpful? If so, snap a pic of you enjoying them and hashtag #KnoursKnowHow! Continue to join us on IG Live every Friday at 9pm for some more fun Knours Know-How. Stay well and get those skincare goals!