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Knours Know-How

Knours Know-How Ep. 4: Staying Forever Young

by Cheryl Kim 09 Mar 2021

Last but not at all least, we present our beloved One Perfect Cream! Simply put, this cream is honestly so good you almost want to just dip your finger in the jar and eat it…almost. The texture is unreal and upon application, the cream instantly feels like it penetrates deep into the skin to heal any and all dryness. With power ingredients like niacinamide, sweet almond oil, shea butter, and baobab seed oil, it's a rich, soothing surge of moisture.

If you’re a new mom and just don’t have the energy or time for a full skincare routine, a little dab of this cream goes a long way. Applying just a small amount all over your face will leave you moisturized all day as you wrestle with your littles and motherhood!

One Perfect Cream is also ideal for women going through menopause and experiencing very dry, flaky skin and loss of elasticity in their skin. Regular application will help you control the formation of fine lines and wrinkles and retain your youth.

Finally, use the cream abundantly on any dry spots as well, and see hopelessly chapped skin turn into buttery softness. For stubborn places likes knuckles, heels, and even elbows, a little bit of One Perfect Cream will do wonders!

Post a pic of you using our tips & tricks on IG with the hashtag #knoursknowhow so we can see how you’re finessing your quarantine skincare routine!

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