For You MOOOD Mug

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You’ve heard it a million times before; the best thing for your skin after good skincare is staying hydrated. Even better if it’s in a mug for all the Mooods and the feels we feel during our cycles. The hand-drawn faces will put a smile on yours.
Read Our Customer Testing:

In Customer Testing...

- 89% said the product was an effective double cleanse

- 96% said the product left skin soft & refreshed

- 93% said they would recommend to a friend

What’s your Moood today?

No matter what kind of mood you’re in this morning, our mug is a reminder that those mood swings are all normal and that every version of yourself deserves TLC. Pour yourself some water, coffee, tea, or your drink of choice, and love yourself everyday.


ceramic + dishwasher-safe + microwave-safe + heat-resistant + eco-friendly raw materials