wom·​an·​hood | noun | /ˈwʊm.ən.hʊd/

the state of being a woman; the distinguishing characteristics or qualities of a woman or of womankind; all women considered as a group.

What makes us women?

What distinctive experiences do we collectively share as women? At Knours, we believe womanhood is defined by each individual’s personal struggles & successes with their body. The most impactful of those experiences being the 3 M’s: menstruation, maternity, and menopause, especially on
the skin.

Knours wants to be there for you, to encourage & uplift you, because womanhood isn’t always about feeling happy & beautiful; it’s about feeling important & alive. We want to create really effective, really good products that make you feel alive as a woman through the ups, downs, and in-betweens of 3 M’s.

Chief Brand Officer, Cheryl Kim

Cheryl hails from a finance background but left to help small DTC brands develop and grow in a variety of roles ranging from marketing, social media management, sales, branding, copywriting, etc. (also starting her own successful small business in 2016). She saw deep value in Knours’ purpose-driven brand story and joined the team to guide its rebrand at the height of COVID.

Cheryl’s lifelong struggle with hormonal acne as well as her diagnosis of HELLP Syndrome late into her pregnancy were the catalysts for her deep-dive into labels and ingredients on personal care products as well as her interest in women’s wellness issues. She hopes women can rely on Knours as a source of encouragement, inspiration, education, and of course reliably clean, simply good skincare.

“To be considered and uplifted during some of my least glamorous times as a woman is truly special and makes me feel important, and that’s what Knours is doing.” 


Founder, Julie Chon

Julie spent 15 years working in hospitals as a physical therapist, helping patients get back on their feet both literally and figuratively. She quickly realized that there were obstacles her female patients faced because of the 3 M’s: menstruation, maternity, & menopause.

After she became a mother of two, Julie recognized the importance of using clean & safe personal products for her own hormonal wellness. She ventually joined hands with her husband to become pioneers in the growing K-Beauty phenomenon as exclusive distributors of Korea’s top beauty brands.

Many years later, as Julie struggled with the emotional & physical changes symptomatic of menopause, and the effects they were having on her life, she was reminded of the patients she met during her time as a PT. As she researched ways to alleviate the symptoms of menopause in her everyday, and especially on her skin, she was surprised to discover the existence of EDC’s (endocrine-disrupting chemicals) in many widely known skincare products.

The Birth Of Knours.

Using her knowledge & experiences, Julie set out to create safe skincare that didn’t pose a concern for toxicity or triggering hormonal shifts during the 3 M’s. She collaborated with dermatologists & herbalists to conduct extensive research and formulate the cleanest, most effective products for women with hormone-related skin concerns.

And in 2018, Knours was born.

Perfectly Kind Skin Essentials to the Rescue.

Carefully and innovatively crafted, clean, personal products with a focus on maintaining skin wellness through a woman’s major hormonal cycles, the 3 M’s: menstruation, maternity, and menopause.