National Children's Day is June 13th!

National Children's Day is June 13th!

It’s time to celebrate the little ones in our lives! This Sunday is National Children’s Day and we want to give a special shout out to all the children who bring laughter, love, and a sense of wonder to our lives. This isn’t a widely-celebrated holiday in the United States, but it should be and we want to bring more awareness to this special day!

Ninety countries celebrate Children’s Day and the official date and how it is celebrated vary from country to country. For example, South Korea celebrates on May 5th, Japan celebrates on March 3rd for girls and May 5th for boys. Other countries like Bangladesh celebrate on March 17th and put an educational spin where schools host activities that bring awareness to children’s rights. The United States has another children-focused day on April 30th called Children’s Day, Book Day that connects children to libraries to promote literacy for youth from all linguistic and cultural backgrounds.

In addition to each individual Children’s Day, the United Nations established World’s Children Day on November 20th. They chose this particular day because that was when they outlined and acknowledged children’s rights for the first time. This holiday also sheds light on the difficulties children all over the world face (i.e., food insecurity, exploitation, etc.), promotes children’s rights, and is a starting point to create a better and more just world for future generations. The global COVID-19 pandemic has made children’s issues an even higher priority since they have been most affected, especially those in underdeveloped areas.

We hope you can celebrate Children’s Day every year! Children are the future and we should give them a special day to honor them and to make sure they are able to grow up in a world that understands their hardships and that works to diminish the challenges they may face. Now, mark your calendars for June 13th, enjoy some quality time with your little ones, and show them just how much they mean to you!

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