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Meet the Team Ep. 2: Peng, Lover of Comedy & The Addams Family

by Cheryl Kim 28 May 2020
Hi there. Meet Peng. ICYMI, we introduced our team member Peng on our IG Live the other week.
Lover of Comedy & The Addams Family
Peng’s cute and healthy tamagotchi
Peng is..  master of all Knours’ design elements, provider of tasty Asian snacks, lover of all things cute, wishes she was a professional comedian, and is mom to a healthy tamagotchi. Peng hails from Taiwan and came to the States to further her studies in design. She loves Korean food, can bark like an actual small dog, and loves the Addams Family.

As a young woman with a normal menstruation cycle, Peng has struggled with her share of skin trouble before, during, and after her period and was drawn to Knours because of its mission statement of helping women achieve hormonal wellness by using clean skincare products, rid of chemicals that may disrupt your hormone balance—ultimately leading to healthy skin.
Her favorite product is One Perfect Cream and it’s become a staple in her skincare routine throughout all four seasons. During even the roughest menstrual cycles, spring allergy seasons and dry winter seasons, One Perfect Cream keeps her skin soothed, moisturized, and free of irritation. A little goes a long way and the four proven benefits of age-defying, brightening, moisturizing, and nourishing have really helped her skin!

She hopes you love all the packaging design, web design, IG graphics, etc. because that work is her pride & joy and there isn’t anything she can’t do when it comes to design!
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