Nali, a fitness & health coach and model

Women's History Month Ep. 1: From Fashion to Fitness

In honor of Women’s History Month, Knours is celebrating the stories of several incredible women from all walks of life. As a female-founded, women-run business, we think it’s important to hear the stories of the women in our communities. In these conversations, we explore each woman’s career path, what empowers them, what womanhood means to them, and more. We hope you enjoy these glimpses into their lives and that you celebrate the women in your lives today and every day! (These interviews will also be on our Instagram Stories all week and will be saved on our account so you can view them at any time.)

Without further ado, please give a very warm welcome to our first woman of the week: Nali.

Nali is a fitness & health coach and model hailing from Brooklyn, New York. After working in fashion, she recently took a courageous leap into fitness entrepreneurship and started her own coaching business in the middle of the pandemic. She has been paving her own way and created a 12-week workout program, called the Supernova Body Method, which puts emphasis on both the physical and mental aspects of fitness. This program was created for those “who struggle with losing weight and [having] confidence, who need that motivation to start doing good things that benefit their mind & body.” Nali wants her clients to change their mindsets to “live presently, enjoy life, and be there for [their] loved ones.”

When she isn’t working up a sweat in the gym, Nali loves dancing, cooking, and is a huge foodie (we all need to find that balance!). Her other hobbies include traveling and learning about different cultures, reading self-help books, hiking, and creating content for her YouTube channel, Nali Supernova

Keep reading to learn more about Nali!

1. Why and how did you choose fitness as your career?

I spent years ignoring my true passion – burying my love for fitness and labeling it as just a hobby. I had a very hard and strict perspective when it came to success – success meant a high-paying salary working for someone else in a corporate setting. It seemed comfortable and low risk.

After getting laid off from 2 jobs in the fashion industry and hitting rock bottom, I turned to fitness (my constant) because it simply brought me joy consistently. My goal is to inspire and educate women on how much mental & physical strength can be gained from prioritizing your health. If I can do it, so can you! I want women all around the world to dig deep within themselves and unleash their inner badass. It’s in there – you just gotta learn how to activate it! You can start by exercising more and moving your body :)

2. So many people struggle to stay motivated. What keeps you motivated and what’s your advice on staying motivated?

Ah this has gotta be the most popular question! Everyone wants to know what keeps me motivated. When I started focusing more on the mental aspects of working out instead of the physical, it became a lifestyle. Lifting weights really elevated my mindset strength and helped me cope with anxiety, fears, and self-doubt. Then, strength training gave me confidence.

I advise people to find their reason WHY health and fitness are important to them. There has to be a good reason that’s going to help jolt you out of bed to work on yourself otherwise there’s no reason to be doing any of this. Unlock your superpower!

3. How does taking care of your skin health play a role in your everyday life as a fitness coach?

Working out in a mask has definitely been tough on my skin with the constant rubbing of mask materials on my face and the trapping of heat/sweat. I make sure to be extra gentle and to use less harsh chemicals on my skin especially during the winter months. I’m constantly keeping my skin moisturized and staying hydrated (drinking more water). 

4. What is your favorite Knours product? What do you love about it?

My favorite Knours product has got to be the Double Duty Mist! I use this everyday after applying makeup to give my face an extra hydration boost and healthy glow. I have sensitive skin and the soothing, natural ingredients plus the gentle moisturization is a must in my routine.

5. What is one piece of advice you would give to your younger self?

Growing up, I was quite insecure about voicing my opinions and standing up for myself. I’d tell my younger self to be less afraid of what people will think of you. Other people’s opinions shouldn’t affect your decisions and your desires to go after your passion. Be your own cheerleader, girl! Live life for yourself!

6. What makes you feel empowered as a woman? What does womanhood mean to you?

Freedom to show up authentically to the world. Freedom from other people’s judgments and the confidence and trust I built with myself. Nothing makes me feel more empowered than knowing that my every decision, action, and intention are for my present and future self. When I feel grounded and open, I can be the very best version of myself for my clients, friends, family, and society in general.

Womanhood is incredibly beautiful; a mixture between strength and tenderness. I think women have incredible resilience and determination, but at the same time, have a natural inclination to be empathetic and compassionate towards others. We are SUPERWOMEN! 

To further connect with Nali, you can check her out on Instagram @nali_supernova. Our Woman of the Week series will continue next week with Javi, an African-American, small business owner and mother, in New Jersey.