Wednesday Women Ep. 3: Real Review from a Loyal Knours Supporter: Lynette Churchill

We’re back with another Wednesday Woman: Lynette Churchill.

Today we’re sharing experiences from a loyal supporter of the brand who reached out to us earlier this year to tell us how much she loves our products and how her skin has greatly improved upon discovering Knours! Despite her youthful appearance, Lynette is a mother of three and grandmother of five!

Lynette says that finding & using Knours products was a big blessing, helping her deal with hormonal blemishes and giving her confidence as a woman.


Lynette says that finding & using Knours products was a big blessing, helping her deal with hormonal blemishes and giving her confidence as a woman.


  1. Can you introduce yourself?

My name is Lynette Churchill, I’m fifty two years old and I work for the department of human services as a caseworker. 

  1. What has been your main skin concern?

It’s mainly been these premenstrual blemishes in my chin area. I know when my cycle’s coming, because I break out and I’ve tried so many different skincare brands but none of them truly worked for me.

  1. When did you start having your blemishes?

I don’t remember having blemishes; this is something that happened maybe after forty. There were some changes that my body went through and I noticed in my forties the change in my cycles. I think that may have been when the blemishes started. I don’t know if once my menstrual cycle stops, that will stop my blemishes, because I haven’t had that luxury yet!

  1. How did you find out about Knours?

I searched specifically for what I was looking for and I came across Knours on Amazon. I purchased a travel size kit, because if it doesn't work, at least I haven't spent a lot of money. And I think I noticed a change maybe in three weeks? Sometimes we can’t tell if something is working but within three weeks I could tell the blemishes were brightening up. And now my friends keep telling me my skin is glowing. They’re like, “Are you pregnant?” and I’m like “No, that’s my skincare!” I don’t use any other products anymore and always tell people who compliment my skin that I’m using Knours!

  1. Do you have any tips on using Knours products?

So with Your Only Facial Cleanser, I’m always used to wetting my face first and then putting cleanser on, but the instructions said to massage it into dry skin first, and it DEFINITELY is more effective that way. And I know the Double Duty Mist says to spray it directly on the face, but I actually spray it on cotton pads first, then put it on. I also use just a tiny bit of One Perfect Youth Cream all over my face & neck. I always had a dry T-zone, but I don’t have that anymore. I like Double Duty Mist the most because it cures my flaky skin at once!

  1. What’s your advice to women when choosing skincare?

You know, I don’t just buy stuff on a whim. I read the reviews and do some research. Make sure you feel positive & confident when trying something new. And I always take before & after pictures to compare. Because we can use something for so long and not even realize that it may make our skin worse or better without having the visual evidence. And give it time; give it at least a month. If we’re using something, we really have to give our skin time to regenerate with a new skincare line. 

Any last words to people contemplating trying Knours products?

When I was using Knours, I knew the blemishes were going away, but I didn’t realize the glow. I really feel like my skin is not just clearer, but healthier. I even stopped wearing foundation, altogether! They’ve really helped me to want to know my skin. You have to know what’s in your skincare and what’s working for your skin no matter what the “professionals” say!