Know Our Sustainability Efforts

We have always been committed to creating a brand that is good for you by keeping harsh and harmful chemicals out of our products and only sourcing clean, natural ingredients. We have undergone rigorous testing to meet the Environmental Working Group’s strict requirements so we can be EWG Verified. We also make sure that we never test on animals (and do not sell in countries that require animal testing) so we can be PETA certified as cruelty free for all of our products and vegan for the majority of them. Now we look to another issue that is an integral part of our product development: sustainability. We are making strides to become an eco-friendly company so that we can be an active part of the solution to transform the beauty world into a more sustainable one.

So how exactly are we incorporating sustainability into our mission? Over the last two years we have gone through a complete rebranding to switch out our old packaging for eco-friendly boxes that use FSC-certified paper and soy ink. For those who are unfamiliar with this certification, the Forest Stewardship Council is an international non-profit that focuses on promoting sustainable forestry to help mitigate the effects of climate change. The FSC Mix label that appears on all our packaging signifies that our packaging is produced from responsible sources and in our case, are, according to the FSC website, made from “a combination of FSC virgin fiber, and/or recycled materials with controlled virgin fiber”. Our packaging is also printed with soy ink instead of petroleum-based ink, which makes it easier to recycle paper and is much more environmentally friendly. Becoming a more sustainable brand is, of course, an ongoing process and we plan on transitioning all of our old packaging into guilt-free, easily recyclable components. We are also continuously researching ways to reduce our carbon footprint.

Our revamped Knours Komplete Kit is also now packaged in biodegradable, compostable, sugarcane fiber earth-paks so you can feel better about ordering our minis in one convenient box. We love to upcycle our products and have seen members of our Knours Kommunity repurposing some of our minis for when they travel or even using them around the house. Feel free to share your own upcycling and recycling tips and tricks with us! We love hearing from you all so we can work together to become more environmentally conscious. You can also check out our own ideas here.

We will always keep you updated on any changes we want to implement so we can continue to be a reliable and transparent brand. Thank you for joining us on this ongoing journey!