Know Your Cycles: Celebrating the 3 Ms

Know Your Cycles: Celebrating the 3 Ms

Throughout the month of October we looked closely at the three major hormonal cycles (menstruation, maternity, and menopause) - or as we like to call them: the 3 Ms - in order to be part of the conversation to break the taboo surrounding them, especially within the beauty industry. 

As we have said before, Knours is not just a skincare brand, but a community of women that wants to be part of these important discussions. We want to use our platform as a source of information, motivation, encouragement and authentic conversations to shed light on important causes like period poverty and talk about lesser known cycles like perimenopause. We hope Know Your Cycles Month was a thoughtful and informative way to celebrate all the exciting parts of being a woman. Here is a quick recap of what happened this month:

Each week we featured a different hormonal cycle and hosted Trivia Tuesday as a way to interact with our community and dive deeper into each hormonal cycle. At the end of Menstruation Week we asked our Knours Kommunity to share their first period stories and to talk about what this special moment meant to them. Maternity Week (Week 2) ended with a spotlight on an important holiday: Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day. Miscarriages and infant loss is so rarely spoken about so we wanted to give it a place on our site for those to learn more about this difficult day and show our support to those who have suffered these kinds of losses. Menopause Week featured special guests Julia Walker, RN BSN from Hey Perry (a supportive community for women experiencing perimenopause) who shared information on menopause and perimenopause and Rachel Hughes (aka The Meno Memos), a perimenopause influencer.

Thank you to everyone who joined us on this special journey of embracing our womanhood. We hope you continue to celebrate the 3 Ms and that you continue to support us as we work towards sparking & normalizing conversations around these important cycles of our lives!

To wrap up this important month, our team will share their first period stories, what they want to tell their younger selves about womanhood, and what getting their period meant to them. Feel free to share your own first period stories and personal experiences with us in the comments so we can continue to have these open conversations!

Wishing you skin wellness always,

The Team @ Knours