Meet the Team Ep. 5: April, Lover of Dark Chocolate & Ex-Pharmacist

Meet the Team Ep. 5: April, Lover of Dark Chocolate & Ex-Pharmacist

Hello Knours Lovers! We hope you have been staying safe and taking care of yourselves. We are back on our brand new site to introduce another integral member of our small, but mighty team. Please welcome April.

April worked as a pharmacist before transitioning into beauty and joining Knours as a social media and partnerships manager. She is in charge of everything social - from cultivating influencer and brand relationships to organizing the IG grid theme to leading content creation. 

In her free time, April can be found hanging out with her friends and creating content for her own personal Instagram. Her self-care needs are straightforward: good food and good dessert! (who can argue with that?!) Her recent food obsession has been mala drypot - a spicy dish that is a favorite in our office. She also loves to read mystery novels and the classic Pride and Prejudice, and is a huge fan of dark chocolate and coffee. Her favorite vacation spot is Bali.

April was drawn to Knours because of its unique position as a hormone-conscious beauty brand, which was a new concept to her and is still a novel concept to many. She also liked that she could have a meaningful role on a small, but strong & inspiring team of women! When asked what kind of impact she wants Knours to have on other women her answer was simple: 

“We hope to build a community where women of all ages feel comfortable being vulnerable about their skincare. Some have health-related skin issues and some hormonal and we want to show that no matter what stage in life/cycle they are in, their womanhood is beautiful.”

April says she has been fortunate enough to partner with a variety of skincare brands via social media to test out different products and see what works best for her but her steady favorite skincare product is One Perfect Youth Cream. Her skin was very dry this winter and this cream was the only product that helped keep her skin vibrant and deeply moisturized throughout this long, rough season.

April wears many creative hats at Knours and she takes special care to make sure our social persona is an honest representation of who we are and everything we stand for as a brand. She hopes to expand our community so we can continue to uplift and celebrate women in different hormonal cycles and stages of their lives!