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Meet The Team Ep. 4: Cheryl, Lover of Broadway & Ex-Private Jeweler

by Cheryl Kim 05 Mar 2021

Hello, we hope you’re well! We’re back to introduce to you another irreplaceable member of the small but mighty Knours team…meet Cheryl.

Cheryl and her daughter
Cheryl and her daughter

Cheryl hails from a finance background and also started a successful small business with her husband but she saw much value in the Knours mission so here she is! She still dreams about being a Broadway musical star though and misses going to the theater. Cheryl also wishes daily that Summer would pass and her favorite season, Autumn, would come. :)

After a glowing pregnancy, Cheryl struggled with many skin changes postpartum, on top of the normal stress of being a first-time mom. In between the feedings, the diaper changings, the baths and the laundry, she sprayed generous amounts of Double Duty Mist on her tired, worn-out face to refresh and renew. 

Even after washing her face in the morning (when she remembers =X), sometimes there’s simply no time for an elaborate skincare routine which meant she was shaking and spraying DDM, letting the jojoba oil moisturize and nourish her skin. 

Be Kind Double Duty Mist 110 mL / $36
Be Kind Double Duty Mist 110 mL / $36


Even before she became part of the team, Cheryl was grateful for a brand like Knours that makes it their mission to help women through their not-so-pretty hormonal cycles.

“To be considered, encouraged, and uplifted during some of my least glamorous times as a woman is special and makes me feel important.” 
- Cheryl

Passionate about helping women connect to and appreciate their womanhood intimately, Cheryl hopes women of all cycles can know their skin as well as their body and feel empowered & beautiful through using Knours products. 

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