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Meet the Team Ep. 3: Caroline, Beauty Industry Veteran & Lover of Avatar

by Cheryl Kim 05 Mar 2021

We’re back again to introduce a key member of our team! Please meet our resident beauty industry expert & veteran, Caroline.

Caroline has experienced firsthand all three of the major hormonal cycles—menstruation, maternity, and menopause—so she knows what they involve. She dealt with confused skin, bloating, and back aches during menstruation, and while pregnant with twins and post-delivery she experienced a whole new set of symptoms but especially lack of stamina & sleep. Now in the menopausal stage, Caroline deals with hot flashes, skin dryness, loss of elasticity, dark spots and weight gain.

She is so glad to have a company like Knours to uplift her and help her cope with her cycle and wishes it existed when she was younger. Caroline combats her skin troubles with Knours’ gentle, balanced formulas and regular exercise. As she works out and meditates, Caroline loves to use the Skin Meditation Gel Cream to freshen up, especially after it’s been cooled in the fridge but her staple favorite is the One Perfect Youth Cream for its abilities to fight against multiple concerns for skin challenged by symptoms of menopause.

Caroline loves to sing in the shower and is a huge fan of the movie Avatar! During the quarantine, she’s started to cook and bake more and her favorite dish is pavlova (amazingly delish but sadly, no good for the waistline). She also loves to take nice, long baths to wind down because she loves water and it reminds her of the ocean.

In her extensive experience in the industry, Caroline has worked with many natural and clean brands before, but never a brand that focuses their products specifically on women’s hormonal cycles. She says,

“I’m thrilled by this unique and needed position and loving the products that we are developing as a result.”
-Caroline Fabrigas 

Caroline works hard with the team everyday to ensure that all of our products are topnotch and hopes everyone loves and enjoys Knours as much as she does!

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