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Knours Know-How

Knours Know-How Ep. 8: Cleanser to the Rescue

by Cheryl Kim 03 Sep 2021

Last time we featured our cleanser we showed you how to use it as a shampoo for a quick hair refresher. This time we’re going to show you an easy makeup hack we absolutely love!

Your Only Facial Cleanser is an effective and eco-friendly way to remove makeup thanks to the oil base, but did you know the foam part does an amazing job too?

Here’s how: 

1.  Dispense the desired amount of cleanser onto your hands, wet hands, and massage until a rich foam appears.

2.  Place the foamy bits onto your eyelids, eyebrows, and lips and let the product sit for at least 20 seconds. Be sure to keep your eyes closed during this part!

3.  Use a clean cotton pad to remove the makeup just like how you would use a makeup wipe. You can either lightly wet the cotton pad or just use a dry one to remove the makeup - both methods work great.

Share how you use Your Only Facial Cleanser and be sure to tag us @knoursbeauty and to include the hashtag #knoursknowhow. We love seeing how our Knours Kommunity uses our products! 😘
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