Knours Know-How Ep. 7: It’s Time to Revive Yourself

Knours Know-How Ep. 7: It’s Time to Revive Yourself

Let’s face it - this year has been hard and we could all use a little extra “me time”. So, why not give yourself a little boost of revival with One Perfect Revival Eye Cream? We’re always finding new ways to use our products and today we’re showing you how to make the most of this rich, hydrating, and brightening (wow it does SO much) eye cream!

1.  Cool things down

We’re sure you’ve probably heard about the benefits of keeping your skincare products in the fridge and eye cream is certainly no exception! Putting cold eye cream on leads to short-term tightening of blood vessels, which drastically reduces the appearance of puffy under eyes and dark circles. An added bonus for our eye cream is that the ceramic tip will feel even more refreshing and will truly revive your eye area!

2.  Protect your lip line

Your lip line is just as delicate as the skin around your eye area and needs special attention now and then. This area is easily affected by the sun and can be sensitive to certain products drying it out. To truly hydrate and retain moisture around your lips, simply apply a small amount of eye cream around the outline of your lips and let the nutrients sink in and work their magic.

3.  Mix with concealer

Eye cream can be mixed with concealer for a longer-lasting and smoother application that blends easily with makeup. This mixture can help reduce creasing and flaking that occurs when concealer has been left on for a while. For best results, simply squeeze out the desired amount of eye cream onto the back of your hand and mix with concealer either with your finger or beauty blender. Then, apply wherever you need it.

4.  Refresh your makeup

If your makeup is looking a little dull then it’s probably in need of hydration. For a fresh-faced glow, gently dab a thin layer of eye cream to the center of your forehead, the top of your cheekbones, and your chin. 

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